"From the depth of 100 metres and more, headlong in the abyss, the heartbeat gets slower, the body disappears, and all the feelings take a new form. The only thing that remains in us is the soul. We take a long jump into the soul, which seems to absorb the universe. Every time I ascend, I am making a choice: it is me who is re-discovering myself in my human dimensions, metre by metre, to come up to see the light again. It often happens that I am asked what is there to see deep down in the sea? Maybe the only possible answer is that one does not descend this way to look around, but to look into Himself. In the deep I look for myself. This is a mystical experience bordering on the divine. So deep down, I am immensely alone but inside it feels as if all humanity is with me. It is by being human that I surpass the limits we set for ourselves and diving makes us one with the sea and its surroundings. It is here that I become one with the sea and discover my true self."

Conference - Motivational speaking

To become and remain a "World Champion" is a challenging and demanding task that requires dedication, sacrifice, resolve and responsibility, as well as the fostering of a strong "team spirit". All of this has similarity and parallels with the everyday challenges encountered in private and professional life. The values and principles that Umberto transmits through his narrative and videos are focused on:


identify the goal and believe strongly that it can be reached. The importance of sacrifice, determination and constancy.


the organisation of work and the recognition of priorities that optimise effort and prevent wasted energy.


the involvement and dedication of every component of the team towards a single, formidable goal: the record. The spirit of sacrifice, sense of belonging, passion in the face of extreme difficulty, the work itself, and being a winning team.


hard work, dedication, sacrifice, suffering and determination. Transforming fear into motivation. 


the capacity to fully enjoy a success and to share it with the rest of the staff. Understanding of the importance of continuing to train, believe in oneself, and invest time and responsibility into the next challenge.

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